Below you will find answers to questions we regularly receive. Should you have any further questions, please contact us though the contact form.

I have completed my reservation. What’s next?
You will receive an email confirming your reservation. Show this email to your selected self-storage when you check in.
I own a self-storage. How do I create a landlord account?
When you run a professional self-storage, click on “register my self-storage facility”. Fill out the required fields and submit your request for registration. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.
I have storage space in my attic. Can I create a landlord account?
No. A landlord account on Book Your Box is reserved for professional self-storages.
Are rates shown including or excluding VAT?
Rates displayed on Book Your Box are excluding VAT. However, when you make a booking and are required to pay the first month of rent, the applicable VAT will be added.
Does every reservation require a payment?
Yes. In order to complete your reservation, you are always required to pay the first month of rent. This payment does not include possible additional costs/deposit which are contained in the reservation confirmation.
How does the payment to secure my reservation work?
The payment occurs online through a trusted third party payment service provider. You are paying directly to the landlord. The online payment options available depend on your landlord. Book Your Box does not receive any payments from tenants.
Can I cancel my reservation?
Cancellation is not possible through Book Your Box. Contact your selected self-storage and read their terms and conditions.
What about insurance of my stored goods?
Whether and to what extent your stored goods are covered by insurance, depends from landlord to landlord. Please read the terms and conditions of the landlord. Book Your Box does not provide insurance.
Does Book Your Box share my personal data with third parties?
Your personal data will only be shared with your selected landlord after completing a reservation. You can read the Privacy Policy on our website. If you have any questions or complaints about the protection of your personal data, you can send us an email on privacy@bookyourbox.com.
Can both individuals as well as businesses rent a box on Book Your Box?
Yes. When making a reservation, you will just need to select in which capacity you are making this reservation: as an individual or as a business.