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Introducing your self-storage to the largest possible number of potential tenants is the first step towards a higher occupancy rate. That’s obvious. The challenge however is to do this in a targeted and cost-effective way.

It probably will not surprise you that nowadays the search for storage space is primarily conducted online. Online presence of your self-storage is therefore of paramount importance. Book Your Box assists you in this! Through our unique marketplace for self-storage, potential tenants can search for self-storage facilities near them, compare such facilities and ultimately rent their desired unit online.

Registration of your self-storage facility with Book Your Box is fast and easy. Oh yeah, you only pay if one of your units is booked. Cost-effective, right?

Yes, I want more tenants!

Get found (faster)

Reach more potential tenants and limit your marketing and advertisement expenses!

No cure, no pay!

Registration is easy and free of charge. No bookings mean no expenses. That’s a no-brainer, right?

Maximize your occupancy level

Draw in new tenants within and outside your area so none of your units remain unoccupied.

It’s a match!

Our search robot links tenants directly to the self-storage most relevant to them. Receive the booking confirmation email + the first month of rent and welcome your new tenant!

Rent out self-storage units

Easily find more tenants for your vacant self-storage units? Register now on THE online platform for self-storage tenants and landlords. No cure = no pay. What are you waiting for? Join us!

Still having questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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How do I register my self-storage with Book Your Box?

Create your account

Fill out the company details of your self-storage so that we can verify these.

Add your self-storage facility

Now that your self-storage is registered, you can complete the profile of your facility. Select all applicable features of your facility and do not forget to add a brief description with a few nice pictures!

Start renting out via Book Your Box!

It is that easy. No immediate bookings? Then you do not have to pay anything either. No cure = no pay!


Receive a confirmation email

You will receive a confirmation email with your personal log-in details. You are almost there!

Add available units

Indicate the availability of your self-storage units so we can show potential tenants the most up to date information.

I want to register my self-storage

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