What is self-storage?


The concept of self-storage originates from the United States, but is increasingly becoming more common in Europe too. Self-storage is flexible, short or long term storage renting available to both individuals and (small) companies. Self-storage facilities are extremely professional and not at all comparable with an empty shed or attic. Self-storage facilities are equipped with all the necessary features to ensure safe storage of your belongings.

Self-storage worldwide

The US leads the way in the self-storage world with over 50,000 locations. The industry is also known from TV shows like Storage Wars, Storage Hunters or Auction Hunters. In Europe, the self-storage sector has experienced spectacular growth in recent years. At the end of 2020, there were 4,800 sites in Europe, representing some 10.5 million m² of floor space (source: Fedessa 2020 survey). Most of that surface area is located in the Big Six: the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. However, self-storage is gaining ground all over Europe. Also in Belgium!

What does a self-storage unit look like?

A self-storage unit (this is the name of the rented storage space) is an extension of your home or commercial premises. You may not use certain things on a daily basis, but they are still your belongings and you want to store them in a neat and accessible way. Self-storages guarantee this through the various features they offer, ranging from camera surveillance to temperature control. From remote control to lift service. In this way, security and privacy are guaranteed. Of course, you also have the freedom to pick up your stuff when needed.

When can you make use self-storage?

If the number of self-storage facilities is growing, that means there must be a demand for such storage units, right? So who are all these users of self-storage? Well, the group of tenants is actually very diverse.

From people who are moving and need to temporarily store their belongings, to families who are looking for additional space for things they do not use on a daily basis. From hobbyists who are expanding their studios to independent contractors who are looking for a handy (and strategically located) storage place for stock and tools. From web shops who find in self-storage the ideal alternative to a warehouse, to SMEs who don't know what to do with their archives. The possibilities are endless. Self-storage can offer a solution for any shortage of space, both in the short and long term.

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Book Your Box and self-storage

What is the role of Book Your Box in the self-storage landscape? Well, we are the first online platform where different self-storage providers are gathered and offer their units for rent. Book Your Box offers you the possibility to compare self-storage units in your area and helps you to choose the provider and unit that meets your preferences and needs. Whereas in the past you had to go visit the self-storage, with Book Your Box you can now directly reserve your unit from your couch. The best thing? We won’t charge you any fee!!

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