Lack of space at home? Self-storage to the rescue!


Earlier we explained that people who are moving represent the largest group of self-storage tenants (see "How self-storage makes moving easier"). The -logical- second largest group of tenants are people who are facing a lack of space in their home or just want to be more efficient with the space they do have. They view -rightly so- their self-storage unit as an extension of their home.

Seasonal items

Ski equipment, Christmas decorations, winter tyres, duvets, etc. during winter. Outdoor furniture, mobile air conditioning, camping equipment, barbecue, etc. during summer. There are many items that you only use at a certain time of year. The rest of the year, these items are taking up space that could be used in a better way. Self-storage offers a solution for this!


A large collection can not always be displayed in full at  in your house. Passionate collectors therefore like to safely store part of their collection in a self-storage unit. Moving to a self-storage unit is also an excellent time to make a detailed inventory of your collection.

Sports enthusiasts

Is your sporting equipment (or that of your partner or kids 😉 ) taking up too much space? For sports like swimming or running, sports equipment is rather limited. Other sports however require more and larger equipment. Think of a racing bike, skis, golf clubs or a surfboard. These are often expensive items that you not only want to store neatly, but also safely.


Creative minds often use self-storage as an extension of their studio. Craft materials, paints and other supplies, as well as finished projects can be stored here in optimal conditions.

Home office

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, working remotely has become more common. A place at home where you can work comfortably is no longer a unnecessary luxury. Often, it is not necessary to carry out major renovation works for this purpose. With the help of self-storage you can transform your cluttered room into a worthy home office in no time!


Are you also struggling with a shortage of space at home? By renting a self-storage unit you instantly create more space for yourself and your household. Your belongings are stored at least as safely as in your home and easy access is guaranteed.


With Book Your Box you can now find your self-storage unit online and reserve it immediately. Compare providers that meet your criteria and book directly at the best price. At no extra cost!


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