Meet Wouter, the first tenant via Book Your Box!


Meanwhile, the first users have rented their self-storage unit through our marketplace. But the very first reservation, that was a milestone. We thought that we should give this tenant a small gift. No sooner said than done! We met up with Wouter at Skwer's in Houthalen-Helchteren, the self-storage where he reserved his unit via Book Your Box.

Hi Wouter! Congratulations, you're the first one to rent through Book Your Box!

Really? I didn’t expected that. Thanks for the attention. Very nice!

You're welcome. What was your reason for renting a self-storage box?

As a self-employed interior builder, I was looking for extra storage space for my building materials, including plasterboard. I can store some things at home in the garden shed, but over time I had materials for three different projects in the house. As you can guess, my wife wasn't too happy about that (laughs).

Now that I have my unit, I can pick up the things I need in the morning and drop them off in the evening. Moreover, everything is stored safely here. The flexibility to cancel the rental contract every month is a great added value.

How was your experience at Book Your Box?

Very good! The website is very user-friendly. I entered my location and found a provider near me with available units. After choosing my unit, I filled in my details and easily paid the first month's rent. A few moments later I received the confirmation of my reservation by e-mail.

Nadine, as a self-storage operator, do you share this positive experience?

Absolutely. The reservation was made in the evening via e-mail so the next day I contacted Wouter by phone to arrange a moment to sign the lease and hand over the key. In this way, we acquired a tenant outside office hours.

Good to hear, both of you. Thanks for the trust in Book Your Box and good luck!


Through Book Your Box you can now search and book your self-storage unit online. Compare providers that meet your criteria and book directly at the best price. Without any extra costs!


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