How self-storage makes moving easier


Self-storage and moving complement each other perfectly. In a recent survey in the UK - the largest self-storage market in Europe and the UK - almost 40% of private persontenants cited 'moving' as the reason for renting their self-storage unit (source: SSA UK 2021 Industry Report). Below we explain why self-storage and moving go hand in hand.

1. You can't move in yet

You have to leave your current home due to a sale or end of lease, but you can't move into your new home yet? That's annoying, because what are you going to do with your belongings in the meantime? Leaving all your belongings with family or friends is not very convenient, to say the least. Save yourself (and others) the inconvenience and opt for self-storage to cover this period.

2. Create a sense of space for potential buyers

You decide to put your house on the market? A tip that estate agents will definitely give you is that your house should look as spacious as possible and to hide personal items. Potential buyers should get a feeling of space and should not be distracted by your personal items. So it is best to remove all non-essential items from your home and store them in a self-storage unit. A nice bonus: it also makes cleaning your home in preparation for a visit a lot easier!

3. Don't move everything at once

The day of moving has arrived. You have hired a moving firm or rustled up some family and friends to take all your belongings from your previous home to your new one. All of a sudden, your new home is filled with moving boxes and all sorts of other items. Chaos everywhere! Do yourself a favor: leave enough space to unpack and take your time decorating room by room by storing non-essential items in a self-storage unit for a some time.

Moving in is the start of a new chapter. Self-storage can help you start this chapter with peace of mind by eliminating some of the practical worries that arise during the moving process. 7/7 access and month-to-month rents allow for self-storage to be of great value when moving to your new home. 


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Photo by cottonbro via Pexels