Eight life events when self-storage will prove useful


In previous blogs, we've already mentioned the tenants who use self-storage when moving or when they're facing a lack of space at home (see "How self-storage makes moving easier" and "Lack of space in your home? Self-storage to the rescue!"). An important third group of tenants are people who turn to self-storage for an important event in their lives. We list some of them.

1. You are moving in together

Are you going to live together as a couple for the first time? A moment to look forward to! Getting used to each other's habits can be a challenge in the beginning. So can agreeing on what furniture to use. Perhaps you both own a bed, a sofa, a dining table and a wardrobe? Tastes differ, so you may not immediately find a place for all your personal belongings.

With the idea of starting a family in mind, it may be interesting to store furniture that you do not immediately use in a clean and safe self-storage unit for the time being. Self-storage is also a diplomatic solution for personal belongings for which there is no agreement on whether they have their place at home or not.

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2. You are breaking up

The opposite: a breakup or divorce. You decide to part ways and opt to (temporarily) move to a new and smaller home where there is no space for all of your stuff. It would be a shame to throw out some of your belongings, for example furniture that belongs to you.

Aside from being clean and safe, self-storage also has the advantage of flexibility. You can immediately find a place for your belongings with the possibility of cancelling your lease every month.

3. Baby on the way

Congratulations! We probably don't need to tell you that this requires quite some preparation, also at home. Your little one will be sleeping in your room for the first few months, but it is worth the effort to already transform that other existing messy room into a real baby room. Store things in a self-storage unit and make room for a cradle, a cot, a pram and changing table.

When your baby can crawl and later walk, it's also good to put away potentially dangerous or breakable items (think of that glass coffee table or that expensive crystal vase).

Perhaps there will be a little brother or sister? In the meantime, you can always store the baby things in your self-storage unit.

4. A death in your family

Right at the start of the grieving process, you are often confronted with the decision of what to do with the belongings of your loved one. Especially when the house has to be sold or vacated quickly. In these circumstances it is a good idea to temporarily store the contents and personal items with financial or emotional value in a self-storage unit. Take your time to deal with your loss first. You and your family can then decide together what to do with these belongings.

5. You decide to downsize

If you decide to downsize later in life -moving from a house to an apartment, for example- it may be worth renting a self-storage unit for items you do not immediately have space for (or want to make room for) in your new home, but which you also do not immediately want to get rid of. Self-storage makes the transition easier.

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6. Extra space for students

You decide to study and go live you by yourself. Alright! Student rooms are not exactly spacious and you might need some extra storage space. Did you know that self-storage storage units are available from as little as 1m³?. Are you moving to another student accommodation next year? You can then temporarily store your stuff in the nearest self-storage unit during the summer break.

7. Renovating the house

Your children have left the house so it's time to finally start that renovation you have been dreaming of. A new bathroom or kitchen? A makeover of the living room or a redesign of one of the children's rooms? Store your belongings temporarily in a safe and dust-free self-storage unit and make sure that you and any contractors have the necessary space to carry out the renovation.

8. Foreign adventure

Are you going abroad for work or to study for a while? Great challenge! Store the things you're not taking with you safely in a self-storage unit and leave with ease of mind. Upon your return, you can immediately re-install yourself!


It is not unusual for life events -positive or negative- to bring people to self-storage. The flexibility of self-storage - both in availability and monthly rental periods - is what makes the difference for this group of tenants.


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Photo by Ryoji Iwata via Unsplash